Various tasks performed by a Florist

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A florist is a person who utilizes his/her creativity and ideas about plants and flowers to design and decorate various kinds of events into a pleasing outcome. Flowers are generally used for weddings, birthdays, hotels, valentine day, funerals and any other occasions.

If you like to decorate flowers in a creative manner, then you can choose Florist as your career. To become a florist, you need to have great practical skills to illustrate your thoughts in front of your customers.

Every flower has its own features. So a florist needs to know about the qualities of various kinds of flowers and how to keep them fresh. The important qualities of a florist are artistic ability, creativity, customer-service skills and organizational skills.

Here are some important tasks that a florist needs to perform –

Flower arrangements and presentation:

A florist exhibit flowers and makes formal floral displays for some events and exceptional happenings and manages daily sales of flowers. Artistic flower presentation can be used for birthdays, wedding, funerals and other special occasions.
To create a pleasant design, a florist must understand the size, color and quantity needs of each flower to maintain the greenery of presentation. Florists can do silk or artificial flowers decoration in their stores to promote and market their business. Creating an effective online presence using social media can also be helpful to get more business.


Florists who don’t cultivate their own flowers and in-house greenery can purchase flowers and greenery from greenhouse and wholesalers. They need to ensure that they have enough floral material all the time in their inventory to fulfill the demand of customers.

Florist need to vases and other floral tools and accessories to keep the freshness of flowers for a long time.

Knowledge of flowers:

Formal introduction and overview of flowers don’t work for a floral designer. A florist needs to have detailed education in flowers and greenery. Floral designers should have knowledge about which flowers can bear temperature, sun rays, and stay longer without water and many other factors.

Florists also need to know volatile flowers which don’t remain fresh for a longer time in different temperatures. Some flowers have allergic reactions and some flowers grow in a specific season only. So each and every detail should be known to a good florist.

Supervisory Duties:

Florists who own their own retail shops have some additional administrative duties like handling calls, taking orders and managing delivery, accounts, payments and hiring staff members for the store. To avoid these duties, florists like to outsource the work of their store to trained professionals who are experts at their work.


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