Using fresh flowers to enhance the beauty of your house

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Whether you are living in a small room or a bungalow, flowers are really important to increase the beauty of your home and interiors whether your home is based on traditional theme or contemporary theme.

Fresh flowers work great for any kind of home decor. Rooms can be decorated with seasonal flowers. All you need to do is bring some fresh flowers and decorate your room to enjoy the seasonal scents.

Floral decoration in the kitchen:

To improve your kitchen interior, you can use a vase of flowers as a centerpiece of your kitchen table. Before choosing a vase, pay attention on table size and look and then select various kinds of fresh cut flowers to add extra charm in your kitchen.

Increase and decrease the vase size according to table, if table is six to eight seater, you can opt for a large vase and large flowers such as sunflower and lilies. For a small table, use small vase filled with daisies and other tiny flowers.

Floral arrangements in the bathroom:

Bathroom is also a great place for flowers. You can replace your scented sprays with real flowers. Flowers can completely change the ambience of bathroom with its aroma. You can utilize a vase of flowers on the back of toilet or vanity for a long lasting freshness in bathroom.

Gardenias, begonias, orchids, and jasmine flowers can be used as deodorizers to remove the smell of toilet. One more advantage of using flowers in bathroom is most of flowers stay fresh and live longer in humid environment.

Floral decoration in the bedroom:

To enhance the look of interior and make your bedroom ambience more romantic, you can put a vase of roses at the side stand, vanity or dresser of your bed. Red roses are highly fragrant and usually considered as sign of love and most romantic flowers.

When the rose start to drop, take off the weaken leaves and put them in a ceramic dish or small glass to enjoy the fragrance for a long time. And when the flowers are completely dried, you can use the dried petals to create potpourri.

Flower arrangements in the living room:

To add a dramatic effect in your living room, you can include a huge flower vase nearby your fireplace or in the corners of the room. Larger flowers can put a great impact in living room.

You can utilize sunflowers, hibiscus, zinnias and daisies. Sprigs of lavender and poinsettias will work great in a huge vase.

Flowers are always work great and add versatility and beauty with aroma in your every room.


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