Flower mistakes that must be avoided

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Everyone likes flowers as they refresh your moods and enhance the beauty of place. But if you are going to celebrate your special day either it is your wedding or anniversary or some special occasion, flowers are really important for you.

The wrong selection of flowers, incorrect layout and faulty arrangements can ruin your special day.

Here are some mistakes, you need to avoid.

Not communicating with your florist:

A miscommunication and not communication with your florist can be the reason of devastation. Before starting the floral work talk with your florist and tell them which kind of floral decoration you want. Tell him what you don´t know like, so floral scents signer can prepare sketches accordingly to make your event successful.

Utilizing only one color flower:

Most of brides like to match the flowers with the dress. But it is not work always and event decoration in the same color can destroy your day. You can take suggestions of your florist for flowers. Sometimes dark color and light color combined formation can work great.

Forgetting to budget for flowers:

Flowers are really an important part of any event, but overspending on flowers can bumble your budget. Opt for the flowers which looks good and in your budget. If you want to add more flowers and out of season flowers, you can plan it before starting and define a separate budget for that. It can save you from spending extra money on flowers.

Choosing strongly fragmented flowers:

Selecting the most aromatic flowers can overpower the flavors of food. Many people have allergies with strongly scented flowers. So smell before you buy the flowers or ask your floral designers to keep all these things in mind before opting for flowers. Ask them to use lightly fragranced flowers to make the place more romantic with great ambience.

Booking florist at last moment:

Everything is done for your event but still you are not appointed the floral designer for the event location. Booking a florist can cost you more bucks because floral designer need to do more things in a limited time period.
Flowers takes at least one to two weeks to come from different places. Florist will not be able to use some important flowers due to shortage of time. If you appoint the florist at the right time, you don´t need to pay more and you will get more varieties of flowers.


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