Dos and don’ts of flower arrangements

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Flowers are really important for any event to add an extra charm, and make them unforgettable. Floral arrangements are an integral part of your events. While planning an event, you need to keep in mind the followings things before choosing the flowers-

Don´t choose time consuming decoration:

Don´t create difficult floral designs because they can cost you some extra money and consume more time. You can take inspiration from some magazines and internet for the similar occasion.

Go with the designs which look beautiful and take less time in decoration.

Select long-lasting flowers:
Everyone doesn’t have cooler to keep the freshness of flowers. So always try to choose long-lasting flowers for your floral decorations. You can opt for colored orchids, daisies, baby’s breath and bells of Ireland.

Avoid lilies, tulips, peonies, magnolias, lily of the valley and some kinds of rose flowers. You can also take advantage of live plants as center of attraction, it is also a great way to avoid the difficulties that can appear without a cooler.

But live plants need some designing work.

Don’t copy others floral look:

If you like any floral decoration in photos or any event, don’t try to apply it in your event. Occasion can be different of that place and your event. Copying floral decoration can decrease your reputation. Ask your florist to create their own style according to the theme.

Be unique with your floral arrangements, you need to look at what you like and what’s fit into your budget. Don´t go with the look, you find amazing in photos. Everyone organizes events to create memories, so make it your own.

Hire a professional:
Before hiring floral designer, list down some florist names whom you find good and look at their past work and feedbacks to know about them.

Hiring a professional can decrease your work and you can focus on other things. You don´t need to guide them at every step as they understand your needs.

Make sure that you are choosing the right florists who understands your requirements and also give you some tips and suggestions to make your floral arrangements much better.

Don´t do it by yourself:
Organizing an event and doing your floral arrangements by yourself, just because you love to decorate flowers, is not the right way to approach it.

There are so many chances that you are going to destroy your event which put a bad impact on your reputation also. Always prefer florists to do floral decoration because they expertise in floral management and they know about flowers more than you.

Keep everyone in mind before doing floral sketches whether they are kids, men or women.


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